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FHA Home Loan

An FHA home loan provides a government-insured loan with flexible loan options.

Less strict credit requirements and qualifications make this loan the easiest loan for buying a home or refinancing. Depending on your situation, FHA home loans can be a great loan option. Qualifying is simple!

How FHA Home Loans Work

According to FHA.com:

An FHA Loan is a mortgage that’s insured by the Federal Housing Administration. They allow borrowers to finance homes with down payments as low as 3.5% and are especially popular with first-time homebuyers. FHA loans are a good option for first-time homebuyers who may not have saved enough for a large down payment.

Some of the benefits of an FHA home loan include:

Pay your mortgage at any time without pre-payment penalties

30-, 25-, 20- and 15-year terms are all available with fixed rates for FHA home loans

5-year adjustable-rate mortgage available

Qualification Requirements

  • Credit scores as low as 580 may qualify
  • Refinance up to 97.75% of your primary home’s value
  • Buy a home with as little as 3.5% down (primary home)

Got questions? Give us a call! One of our mortgage specialists would be happy to answer all of your questions and get you started with a great low rate today!

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