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In partnership with FinLocker, The Omega Vault is a free, secure tool that allows you to view, track and monitor your financial health in real-time.

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Introducing the Omega Vault

Your vault dashboard summarizes important financial information such as: account balances, transactions, net worth, budgeting, credit score and credit report, cash flow analysis, estimated home value, offers and promotions from a financial institution, all in one place.

Organize your financial life


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100% Secure & Always free

Industry-Leading Financial Tech

Our partnership with FinLocker brings you your own personal financial locker super app that supports you in the journey of home ownership and improved financial health.

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key benefits


Connect your financial data in one place, from checking accounts to credit cards to auto loans and even investment accounts.


You control what is shared and when; all data is encrypted with bank level security.


Establish goals for saving and track your progress with real-time budgets to better understand your spending.


Educational videos (over 140+) to learn more about homeownership, credit and borrowing, including mortgage terms, process and products.


Track the value of your property and recently sold homes in your area.


Omega Lending is making this available to consumers at no cost.