Inside Real Estate – Episode 110– Barry Habib, MBS Highway

We kicked off our "Mortgage Masters Series" with Barry Habib, American entrepreneur, mortgage industry executive, and founder and CEO of MBS Highway. Barry offered a ton of market insight and perspective, including why he thinks APR is wrong. Watch now!    ...

Inside Real Estate – Episode 109 – Joe and Jon Angell, Angell and Company

CPA's and MSA's, Joe and Jon Angell, joined us on last week's episode of Inside Real Estate. We talked tax deadlines, stimulus checks, the stock market and more. Watch now!   Episode Highlight "Two weeks from today, the new tax deadline July 15th, 2019 taxes are...

6 Common Types of Mortgages & Home Loan Options

If you are thinking about buying a house, understanding the mortgage industry and the many types of “products” is extremely important. Since it is likely you will be paying long-term, you are going to want to pick the best mortgage that meets your budget and needs....

Inside Real Estate – Episode 108 – Christian Grothe, Max Broock Realtors

Christian Grothe of Max Broock Realtors joined us on this episode of Inside Real Estate. Christian talked about how some agents drop the ball and essentially set up the next agent for success, and more. Watch now!     Episode Highlight "I think what's so...

How to Pick the Right Mortgage Company For You

Picking the right mortgage company is imperative if you want to avoid headaches during the mortgage application and closing process. It’s not the best idea to simply go with the first one you see or the one with the biggest name. You should compare rates from several...

Inside Real Estate – Episode 107 – Nathan Nix, Omega Lending

It was great having US Marine Veteran and VA Loan Specialist, Nathan Nix, from Omega Lending on the show last week. Nathan explained the benefits of choosing a Veteran Loan Officer for a VA Loan. Watch now!  

Inside Real Estate – Episode 106 – Mark Shaftner, Keller Williams

We were excited to have our friend Mark Shaftner of Keller Williams back on the show. Mark gives his insight into today's market, explains how COVID-19 is affecting real estate inventory and more. Watch now!  

Inside Real Estate – Episode 105 – Omega Lending Group

On this episode of Inside Real Estate, the boys behind Omega Lending discuss how the housing market is continuing to thrive through today's crisis. Watch now!  

8 Factors that Impact Home Values When Selling

Have you recently thought about selling your home? Want to know what gets factored into the price? The value of your home is impacted by many things. Pricing a home accurately is challenging. Effective home valuations will make your home selling process quicker and...

Inside Real Estate – Episode 104 – Ali Berry, Quest Realty

We were excited to have Broker and Owner of Quest Realty, Ali Berry, on the show again. Berry talks about today's buyers and the chances of purchasing your dream home in the current market. Watch now!  
15-Year Mortgages – What You Need to Know

15-Year Mortgages – What You Need to Know

Did you know that many of the common mortgage loan options offer a 15-year mortgage instead of a 30-year one? Many homeowners feel obligated to commit to a 30-year relationship with their...

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7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Help You

7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Help You

We’re a mortgage broker, but our role in the home buying process puts us right in the middle of the home buyer and the real estate agent that serves them. This gives us a unique view of the entire...

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