Barry Habib, Founder/CEO of MBS Highway,  joined us for this week’s episode. He offered his insight on 2020, shared his thoughts on the appetite for homes, inventory levels, and more. Watch now!

Episode Highlight

“We are in a position where unfortunately about 10 million people are still out of work. That is something that we hope starts to get better, there’s likely going to be a stimulus deal passed by the end of this year. Interest rates hit these crazy low levels. You might remember that I did forecast those levels happening I said 1%, a recession, and we did those before the lockdowns that happened in January, February. And then I was crazy enough to make another prediction after getting that one right. I said we’d hit 5.5 on the 10 year Treasury and we did that too after we saw this lockdown hit. And even though a lot of people didn’t think that was something that was going to happen, and that was we kind of turn the page to 2021 everybody’s forecasting higher rates, saying Real Estate’s in trouble, Real Estate’s not affordable. I just disagree. I just don’t see it.” – Barry Habib, MBS Highway


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