Inside Real Estate is back and better than ever in 2021. It’s safe to say there’s a lot to recap from 2020 in the real estate world. Our founders here at Omega Lending Group talk about the year as a whole and some. Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“I think first time home buyers want to buy a house right now, you know this huge millennial group, Sal, that are out there making money, doing well, that were living at home or living in an apartment. And they’re like, now they’re like, “rates are low. I’m going to go buy a house.” Are you seeing a lot of first-time homebuyers, Sal, right now or not really? Yeah, I would say I see more first-time homebuyers than you know–Well, it’s hard to say. I mean, a lot of people who have kids and whatnot still– Yeah, but there is a big population of first-time homebuyers right now. Yeah, it’s been a lot of refis too. Where people are, kind of, shrinking that inventory, right. They’re like, well– They’re not moving. Those refinances are not moving for a while, right? Because they gotta– maybe about moving but now that my house is $400 cheaper a month. I might just stay.”


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