The pandemic has changed multiple aspects of all our lives. From where we can and can’t go, to the common goods, like gloves and masks, we need on a regular basis. One thing that has truly evolved is home design trends.

1. Home Offices

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People may have worked from home before, but not like they do now. Most homeowners are realizing that one home office isn’t enough. This is especially true if you are in a two-person household where both people ended up working from home during this pandemic. To temporarily solve this issue, people began shifting extra closets into small pop up office spaces.

Now and always, homeowners will be looking for more at-home workspace. Some even need extra space for their kids to do schoolwork as well; as many parents have shifted to online schooling.


2. Storage, Storage and More Storage

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When the pandemic hit, consumers rushed to their local markets to stock up on food, cleaning supplies, and even toilet paper. As a result, homeowners developed a need for greater storage capacity, especially in the kitchen. People began adding more shelving where they could, and overflowing open spaces, like garages and laundry rooms.

Homes will likely begin to have more innovative ways to store things. This can include rolling carts, hidden storage spaces, and more.


3. Smart Homes

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Smart technology in our homes has been emerging, but their takeover has definitely been sped up. Before, we weren’t as concerned about touchless things. Now, everyone is talking about smart homes and voice-activated devices.

This technology was simply for convenience, now it plays a sanitary role. Trends are leaning towards homes where you can turn on lights, change the thermostat, open doors and more, by using your voice or a phone app.


4. More Outdoor Space

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While in quarantine, getting out of the house really meant sitting in the backyard or taking a walk. Decks and porches have now become a place where you can connect with neighbors and family without coming in close contact. More people are investing in fire pits, grills, outdoor furniture, and more.

Homeowners are now looking for homes with more expansive and unique outdoor spaces. Just like how some homebuyers require a walk-out basement; most are requiring unique spaces outside the home.


5. Gardening

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As crazy as it sounds, the United States was facing a seed shortage. This is due to many Americans shifting to growing their own foods like fruits, vegetables, and different spices. There is one more reason for this. With nothing to do, people began picking up gardening as an active hobby.

Gardening and more greenery will continue to skyrocket in homes. More innovative space will be necessary; indoors and outdoors.



Next time you are buying a home, keep these new trends/needs in mind. If you are in your forever home, think about investing in some of these trends. They definitely are here to stay.