Our guest this week was Erik Wright, Co-Founder and Realtor of Social House. Social House Group was started in 2019 to further scale the strategy and teach other agents how to implement the same business development techniques. Seven years ago, Erik was studying for the GMAT and preparing to go to grad school to get his MBA. Becoming a real estate agent was nowhere near being on his radar until he was introduced to the industry at his first job out of college. Fast forward six and a half years and Erik has sold nearly $115 million solely by leveraging paid social media ads. We discuss social media, new constructions,  forbearance, and more. Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“I do see more agents getting on social media, which I love, you know, even if they’re not with my company, because if more people are on social media, naturally sellers are now going to say, “Okay if I’m going to list my house with somebody, they have to be using this strategy.” And I’m confident that nine times out of 10, you know, since we’re, I would say relatively far ahead of the game in that sense that they’re gonna look to us. But I think one thing to keep in mind, too, is a lot of agents that are using social media. They’re not leveraging social media. And what I mean by that the difference between the two is like, they’re using social media in the sense that they’re posting stuff on their page. And, you know, they’re throwing their listings up, but they’re not paying for ads. They’re not actually boosting those ads out to people. And, and the way that social media works Facebook specifically, so I have almost 28,000 people that liked my page on Facebook. But, if I were to throw a post up there, probably only about five to 7,000 of those people would actually see that, because Facebook wants to incentivize me as a user to actually invest money and spend money to boost that post out.” -Erik Wright, Social House Group


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