Jon Reusch is a servant leader, who prides himself on the success of those around him. As Operating Principal (OP) at Keller Williams, he is humbled at the opportunity to lead others with integrity, and inspire individuals to achieve their peak personal and professional selves, both in and outside of real estate. His mission is to help create wealth for those involved with Keller Williams Lakeside, at both the agent and leadership/staff level. He talks about how Keller Williams is paving the way to success, advice for agents, and more. Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“You don’t try real estate; it tries you. That’s a great point. In your first 12 months, you treat this like a nine to five and you’re in every day working your database, meet the people, talking to people, marketing and branding yourself, educating yourself on what the markets doing, what the trends are doing. People do business with people they like, know, and trust. It’s that simple. That doesn’t change. Any new agent in this industry. I am asking every day to my broker who’s an experienced agent I can shadow? Who’s an experienced agent, I can go on showings for? You think experienced agents want to do showings right now. no. So at Keller Williams, Lakeside, it’s funny. You’ve made a couple of comments today, Paul, and I love it where you’re like, agents are moving from Keller Williams, or moving around which we see that of course, but at Lakeside, we’re just humming, man. Like we’re at 390 agents. We’re still hiring new agents. We have them in a training program. There’s a curriculum with faculty they learn from.” -Jon Reusch, KW Lakeside


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