Simon Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer of DOBI Real Restate. In the summer of 2018, Simon launched his own real estate brokerage, with a vision to offer realtors the services needed to enable growth and gives the agent, the buyer, and the seller the best experience. Within the first 11 months, DOBI grew its sales volume by 268% and broke through to the Top 30 in sales volume on Realcomp’s brokerage rankings.  Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“You know, you’re gonna have a down-you’re gonna have, you know, we’re starting to have agents freak out because a house has been on the market for seven or eight days. It’s like, Guys, it’s a good thing. This is a good thing, right? Because you didn’t sell it in a day right? This is a good thing. Well, you might need a price adjustment. They’re way overpriced, anyways. I’d love to get the prices for our clients, for our sellers, that we’re asking, but at the end of the day, like you have $800,000 our home selling for a million dollars, like that’s not-you’re gonna have to do price reductions, right? Price reductions aren’t bad, considering that now we have buyers that are willing to pay for them. But it takes a little bit of time for everybody to see that. It might take four or five months, you know, and then we’re in this–then what’s gonna happen is we’re going to be in the holiday season, right? Nobody’s really buying your house. So I think I just think it’s something we’re gonna have to pay attention to.” -Simon Thomas, DOBI


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