The word is going around that appraisals are taking longer…but what are the effects of this? 2021 has been insane in terms of the housing market. If you are buying a home, this affects you and even the seller. All of this and more, Paul explains, check it out!


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    What’s up everyone, Paul Apostolakis here wiith your Omega 60. Today we’re talking about appraisals. Appraisals are taking a much longer time to get done right now, because of the amount of volume that appraisers are having to to take on. What that means to us it could slow down applications. So it’s really paramount that you work with a real estate agent and a mortgage broker that actually has your best interests in mind that gets everything done prior to the appraisal being done. That way you’re not waiting on anything once the appraisal gets in. Make sure you understand that appraisals are third party they don’t have anything to do with your mortgage broker or your real estate agent. They are a third party that can take and cause delays. Thank you and have a good day.

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