Our guest this week was Sheel Sohal, is Keller Williams ranked #1 individual real estate broker representing clients and properties locally in the Metro Detroit market. Focused on pre-planning, Sheel’s niche came with understanding how to market properties globally and position local homes to sell fast. We discuss high-end sales rising, rates, recent changes, and more! Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“I’m going to keep seeing an influx, I think people are going to start saying “I don’t have to move. But if something comes to my nature that I like, I will move.” So I really do believe even in the fall and the winter, it’ll be just how it was recently. It’s just gonna be competitive and still hard to find something. You know, there’s people who are still you know, because obviously, the empty nesters are going to be transitioning into Florida. I think that’s becoming more of a permanent option for people now, versus that “I just want to be there for the wintertime being”. So I know a lot of clients who have not came back yet still, they’re still there. So they’re already telling me “I might just sell my place and live here forever.” So I’m seeing a slowdown when it comes to, like, the elderly, probably just saying I’m going to position myself full time in a different state. Rather that’d be Florida or wherever. But I do believe that the inventory will still be at a high rise. Come September and December.” -Sheel Sohal, Luxury Homes International


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