Our guest this week was Andrew Pawlak, the CEO & Co-Founder of leadPops.com, a digital marketing software, consulting, and managed services firm in San Diego, CA. Andrew has worked with thousands of professionals — from loan officers and real estate agents, to top executives at some of the largest companies in the industry. He is also the author of The Mortgage Marketing Manifesto Unlocking the Holy Grail of Mortgage Lead Generation. On this episode, he talked about how a 1% lift in lead conversions is a considerable amount in commission and revenue opportunities, and much more. Watch now!



Episode Highlight

“A 1% lift in your lead conversion rate is a huge amount of money in the mortgage world, like when you do the math on, Okay, if we went up by 1% in conversion from clicks to leads just 1%. 1000-Let’s just say visits a month-we increase the lead conversion on that by 1%. That’s 120 extra leads per year, right? If you close just 10% of those or even 5% of those, there’s something considerable there in terms of commission and revenue opportunities. But hey, as long as you put good stuff out there, I think it’ll continue to pay dividends and then again, just put your put your eggs in multiple different baskets, test different things, pay a lot of attention to the competition, and a lot of times too, just don’t look at just other stuff you could be doing and spending more money on, but also like, Hey, could we squeeze more out of this.” – Andrew Pawlak, leadPops