Brennen Clarke, Digital Realtor at Mark Z Real Estate Experts, was on the show this week and talked about differentiating yourself from the competition by creating your own brand, how video marketing and other digital channels help sell listings faster and more. Watch now!


Brennen Clarke, Mark Z Real Estate Experts – Inside Real Estate Podcast Episode 117

Part of the Mark Z team, we're excited to have Novi real estate agent Brennen Clarke on the show. Brennen puts a lot of emphasis on video marketing and other digital channels to help sell listings faster. Get to know Brennen and join us live!

Posted by Inside Real Estate on Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Episode Highlight

“So obviously, I’m known as the digital realtor around the Mark Z team. I got that nickname very quickly.  I used to walk around the office with my gimbal. That was probably the first thing that really set my business off and differentiated me from everyone else in the business. So when you’re going through these houses and trying to show people or show your clients, they’re like, wow, what did you shoot that or like who came out and shot that for you? Do you have a professional company that comes out? It really creates an image for yourself, a brand for yourself, where you’re really this professional. I mean, I applaud the realtors that are trying to do the videos, but when you’re shaking like this on your phone, it’s really hard to watch for more than 30 seconds.” – Brennen Clarke, Mark Z Real Estate Experts