Jon Hartzell, Founder and Director of Development at Detroit Rising, was on the show this week. Jon has an unwavering belief in the growth of Detroit, and in 2016, he focused his energy and passion into forming Detroit Rising Development (DRD) – a Detroit-specialized development and construction management group. He opened Detroit Shipping Company in Midtown in 2018 – a now award-winning food hall and event space. On this episode, he spoke about potential investments and the importance of being genuinely interested in the product/project you’re investing in, and more. Watch now!



Episode Highlight

“You know, I’ve looked at it. I actually bought a house in (the) downriver community about 10 years ago and a guy who used to work for me was doing grow rooms. And he actually, you know, land contract was paying like $6,200 a month, the land contract, was doing this grow house in this place, right. It was amazing. And he just kept asking if I wanted to get into it. Just had no passion for it. Right? And yeah, you know, it’s not my world. So, I know it’s great. A couple of our investors have some some real estate that they don’t do the grow or the part of the business, but they lease out to that industry just don’t have a passion for it. And I’m really driven by what we do, not what we make all the time. I do care about making a profit and all that and it’s got to be a viable business. But I really want to be passionate about the product/projects we’re doing.” – Jon Hartzell, Detroit Rising