Mark Shaftner of Keller Williams offers his insight on mortgage application volume decline, home prices gain, and stock market corrections. Always a great discussion with Mark. Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“You know, we definitely overpaid for our house back then. But we wanted the house. We didn’t care about that. And that’s a lot of–think about that that was four years ago, Mark, and there was still 17 offers on my house, four years ago. That means we’ve had an inventory problem that has steadily got worse over the last four years, in my opinion. Crazy, right? But this is a really good–I’m so glad that you brought this up, Paul. So you overpaid four years ago? Yup. How are you doing today. Fine, I had 10% appreciation year over year. Right. And that’s such a good point. I’m so glad that you brought that up because I had so many people, especially a lot of first time homebuyers that are like, “Am I overpaying for this home?” and short answer is: Yeah, kinda right now, but in six months, no. In a year or two years, I really hope not. You could be sitting really pretty.” -Mark Shaftner, Keller Williams


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