CPA’s and MSA’s, Joe and Jon Angell, joined us on last week’s episode of Inside Real Estate. We talked tax deadlines, stimulus checks, the stock market and more. Watch now!


Inside Real Estate Podcast | Joe and Jon Angell | Episode 109

CPA's and MSA's, Joe and Jon Angell, join us on this week's episode of Inside Real Estate. With tax deadlines coming up and the pandemic still on the rise, these professionals have valuable information to share. Don't miss it.

Posted by Inside Real Estate on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Episode Highlight

“Two weeks from today, the new tax deadline July 15th, 2019 taxes are due, both federal and state, and then first and second quarterlies 2020. This is new for everyone. If things aren’t getting back to normal here, they have in their back pocket another stimulus act that they could throw in there… talking about a second round of PPP funds. I mean, they’re talking about it again, it’s all speculation but I wouldn’t be shocked to see something else come out. You know, they’re just… I think they have to do something. I think they have to make it easier for more people to get it. I think those income limits of 75 to 100 for single and 150 to 200 for married was just cutting out too many people.” – Joe and Jon Angell