CPA’s and MSA’s, Joe and Jon Angell share their master knowledge. With tax deadlines coming up in a few months and the effects of the current pandemic still lingering, these professionals have valuable information to share. Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“A lot of realtors Schedule-C, self employed realtors, or LLC realtors that have no employees, they may have thought, “hey, no, I don’t qualify for this.” They do. And as Jon just said, you’re literally getting the money and paying yourself that money. Okay. So it’s forgiven almost automatically because you’re basically paying your salary for those for that quarter. Right? Yeah, you’re basically the employee you could say. Right, you can consider yourself as the employee. And I think a lot of real estate agents, if you’re listening out there, they didn’t take advantage of it because they’re like, oh, that doesn’t pertain to me. Right? Yeah, because usually it’s given for payroll, but in reality it’s for self employed people as well. You can almost say “they are the payroll”. You are part of the payroll. You’ve got to pay yourself. That’s right, you’re self employed.”” -Joe and Jon Angell, Angell and Company


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