The founders and owners of Omega Lending Group answer some hot questions in the mortgage world. We discuss calculating mortgage payments, pre-approvals/pre-qualifications, getting your credit pulled and more. Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“And real estate agents sometimes push fort it too they’re like, j”ust give me a piece of paper, give me a piece of paper. “So we get pressure from not only the consumer, we also get pressure from the real estate agent to ship out this pre approval so they can put on an offer. And sometimes we have to turn around and say, I” don’t have all the docs, you want to put an offer, but we don’t have an approval yet. “And it’s hard to say that because it is the right thing to say. But people are pressuring us as loan officers to give them that piece of paper so they can go in and put in an offer especially in the market wihen t’s really hot like right now. But I think good loan officers and smart consumers are going to take the time to get the right proper approval and especially in this market.” -Paul Apostolakis


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