Bill Dallas is President of Finance of America Mortgage, leading the business operations and strategic vision for FAM and all of its businesses. Bill is known for building two mortgage companies from the ground up: First Franklin and Ownit Mortgage Solutions. In 2009, he purchased Skyline Home Loans with Upfront Ventures and a talented team to modernize the traditional mortgage business. In 2018, Skyline was purchased by Finance of America. Today, Bill leads the combined business. Don’t miss out, watch now!

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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“Interest rates have driven some behavioral change. Right. And so what you said, you know, Paul says to me, you know, I got into business and oh three and interest rates basically, can continue to go down. Well, my my industry, you know, I started when I was 20. And now it’s two. Right. So I think the pivot is really where we’re going to be focused on what happens at the Nydia where rates hit the bottom, you got the Fed tapering, probably announcing tapering today. Yep. And you’re going to see mortgage brokers run all over the place, right. And mortgage banks run all over the place to try to figure out what to do next. So it’s not a good strategy to sort of react to what’s happening in the market. So finance of America, really, it’s about product, and it’s about product technology, making it easier for consumers..” -Bill Dallas, Finance of America Mortgage