Kyle Desmond, a top producer at Hall and Hunter Realtors and an Hour Magazine All-Star, shares his expert information about these hot topics: home prices gain, job reports, and evictions. Watch now!
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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“Obviously, sellers are, you know, they’re loving this, because they’re gonna make in some cases 15% more than they would’ve even a year and a half ago, but have low inventory. There’s, you know, those price points. It’s a little different, but I think you also have, people want to upgrade, having more kids. The reason may be, but the biggest thing is, is there’s sellers who want to capitalize, make some money, but there’s nowhere for them to go. So we’re kind of in this place where I almost think that this will continue to happen unless the inventory catches up, which I don’t see. Because the inventory hasn’t been great since 2018. It was okay now it’s, I mean, you know, let’s say in the 300 to 400 range. I just made an offer on a house for a buyer on Sunday and there was 11 offers.” -Kyle Desmond, Hall & Hunter Realtors


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