A good mortgage experience is something you deserve. Here at Omega Lending, we will always provide you the mortgage experience you are looking for. One of our owners, Paul Apostolakis, explains what a good experience should look like no matter where you go. If the company you are working with isn’t going these things, it may be time to look into switching.


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    What’s up everyone, Paul Apostolakis here with your Omega 60. Today I want to talk to you about what a good mortgage experience should look like. First and foremost, your loan officer should always answer your phone, if they’re not answering your phone, phone call, that is number one on the list of things have no can do’s. Second of all is if you’re using an out-of-state lender for a local transaction, a lot of times real estate agents aren’t going to like that. And using a local lender will supersede national lenders because you’re going to get better service, that lenders generally going to speak to you much more frequently and you’re going to have a much better experience. Another thing that you can do to make sure that you are using the right lender is to make sure that you’re getting fees and everything upfront. Understand what you’re working with, understand what your numbers are going to be you don’t want any surprises at the end. And you want to work with a company that’s actually going to overestimate upfront instead of underestimate because you don’t want any surprises. Thank you and have a wonderful day. I love you all.

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