Our guests this week, Dave and Kim Panozzo, have been spreading their authentic and inspiring message as power players in the real estate industry and as leaders in their community since inception. As the Co-Owners of The Panozzo Team, not only are they a full time real estate team, but they also have been on The American Dream TV for over 3 years. They touched on marketing, how they treat the internet as their resume and more. Watch now!


Episode Highlight

“And we’re always marketing ourselves everywhere we go, we wear our shirts everywhere. People say, “do you wear anything else, except?” Nope. I look at the Internet, the website, all the social platforms as our means of–it’s our living breathing resume. Okay? That’s all, that’s how I look at it. Because if you’re going to do business with us, and say you get referred to us, or you’re just doing a Google search, you know, think about when you do a Google search, like Dave Panozzo how come nothing came up? That’s weird. Oh, let me pull up this other person. Kim Panozzo. Holy shit look at all the stuff. If you can leverage all this technology and services to your benefit, think how much more proficient you will be?” – Dave and Kim Panozzo, The Panozzo Team