Christian Grothe of Max Broock Realtors joined us on this episode of Inside Real Estate. Christian talked about how some agents drop the ball and essentially set up the next agent for success, and more. Watch now!


Inside Real Estate Podcast | Christian Grothe | Episode 108

Christian Grothe, from Max Broock Realtors, joins us on this week's episode of Inside Real Estate. Christian was named a top 100 agent in the nation by the Wall Street Journal. Going to be a discussion you won't want to miss.

Posted by Inside Real Estate on Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Episode Highlight

“I think what’s so interesting out there even on the agent side, I can name so many agents that are spending thousands and thousands of dollars a month on Zillow and on all these platforms that are going to get them leads. But when the phone rings, they don’t actually answer. When they sign up the, you know, when they sign up the listing, the client doesn’t really get service and they, you know, if the house doesn’t sell in the first 90 days, they’re probably gonna have listing with someone else. I think there’s quite a few of those agents out there. But I think people like that also give people that are really serious about their business the opportunity to capture some of those leads, because a lot of times they are they’re not happy with who they’re working with. And I think once they, I see, the other side of the, of the equation, that they’re actually impressed with what’s out there in the industry, even if they’ve had a bad experience previously.” – Christian Grothe