This week we had Dylan Tent, Heli Realtor of Signature Sotheby’s International Realty on the show. Dylan left medical school in 2011, enrolled in a local flight school and earned his Commercial Helicopter Pilots License. Being a realtor with 24/7 access to helicopters allows him to view multiple properties from the air in a day and he even is able to go beyond Southeast Michigan, showing families vacation properties up north. He talked to us about how he transitioned from realtor to PPE sales during quarantine and much more. Watch now!



Episode Highlight

“I ended up going to switching to selling PPE for a little while because people didn’t want you in their houses. You know, a friend of mine, actually a guy that I sold six houses to, you know, he ends up buying a sports car during the lockdown. I’m like how that happen? He’s like, well, I started selling N-95 masks, and I was like, “Well, do you have any more?” He was like “yeah”, I was like, well, so I just started calling everybody that I knew that had any, you know, any organization that would need this, which is every organization on Earth right now. So during Easter, everybody was told you’re not allowed to go out and even pick easter eggs in your friend’s houses. So what I did is, I ran a Facebook ad, and we had people deliver lasagna trays of Easter eggs to my hanger and then we flew over people’s houses and dropped them. So we had 22 stops. We made 2 or 300 bucks to house. It took four hours and we flew around and dropped easter eggs in people’s backyards.” – Dylan Tent, Signature Sotheby’s International Realty