Omega’s Paul, Sal & Brad discuss UWM’s merger with Gores Holdings in the latest Inside Real Estate episode. Watch now!


Omega Lending Group – IRE Episode 121

The pros at Omega Lending are leading the discussion this week. They'll also be answering any of your questions from the comment section. You won't want to miss this discussion.

Posted by Inside Real Estate on Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Episode Highlight

“Gores right, which is the company that took the interest in the company (UWM)– is the one who’s doing the IPO. It’s not like a completely ground up PO like Rocket or Quicken did, right? So it’s a little different. Regardless, it’s raising capital. I’m sure that UWM is going to put it to good use. I don’t think they just do it to get rich because that’s never been the mantra over there. But it’s a different type of IPO. Yeah. It’s almost like a prepackage IPO. Like, they took it over. They did it. Boom, boom, boom. It was a quick kind of thing. And what I understand is, Matt still owns 93% there, he’s only given up 7% of the company to be sold.” – Paul Apostolakis & Sal Cusumano