Nick Bastianelli of eXp Realty joined us on this episode of Inside Real Estate. Nick is a rising star in Michigan real estate. He offered insight into one of the key aspects that drives success in the industry: client experience. Watch now!


Nick Bastianelli, eXp Realty LLC – IRE Episode 124

Our guest this week, Nick Bastianelli, is a rising star in Michigan Real Estate. His lifelong passion and commitment to success, along with his experience as an entrepreneur and founder/operator of multiple businesses, has propelled him to early and continued success. He is rapidly establishing himself as an expert in luxury and new construction properties in Oakland and Wayne county. Don't miss out.

Posted by Inside Real Estate on Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Episode Highlight

“Yes, I also think that too because I’ve been in situations that are really tough and sticky. That when I show up for my clients, I’m like, don’t play it as a BS game of like trying to shove blame off on other people. [Don’t point fingers]. Dude, it’s terrible. I’ll take the blame when it’s my fault. I just make sure to, tough stuff happens in real estate. You guys know this you’re in front of a ton of deals, it’s inevitable eventually, so I just feel like if I’m clear, and I communicate with my clients consistently, “Hey, we hit a real serious speed bump here, like this is effed’ up. Here’s what we’re doing to figure it out. I’m going to keep you informed the whole way.” Yeah, I think people can handle way more than we give them credit for as long as they’re prepared and informed.” – Nick Bastianelli, eXp Realty LLC