Through her fresh perspective and keen insights into the local real estate scenery, Samantha strives to provide outstanding representation and trusted guidance throughout each process. She talked with us about the changing market, how to grow a successful business, and more. Watch now!

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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“I think it’s slowing down a little bit but that seasonally. I have actually a lot of buyers who took a–we’re looking in the spring who stopped because they were writing up against 50 other offers and were getting really frustrated. So they decided to travel and I’ve seen that a lot. That a lot of people this was kind of their first–we’ve all been stuck in the house, right? They were homeschooling kids. So they decided to go travel this summer. And I see a lot of them coming back and they’re starting to reengage in their portals and do those things. But I think they’re trying to get there last weekend in this weekend, I’ve talked with a few that are like, “I’m going to, you know, get back up and start looking in the fall.” Also price point dependent, you know, it’s a lot slower at higher price points right now, when you get over five things are sitting a little bit longer.” -Samantha Hillery