Willie J. Davis is a licensed REALTOR@ and a certified Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) in Michigan and Georgia serving clients in the metro Detroit area as well as Atlanta. Willie has been in real estate for over 4 years with Re/Max Eclipse here in Michigan and is also with the Perks by Perk Real Estate brokerage in Atlanta. Educating his clients and helping people realize their real estate goals is something Willie is very passionate about. Watch now!

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Inside Real Estate Episode Highlight

“Doing real estate different, you know, a little different. It’s more than just opening the doors for a client and showing them where the living room is. And the kitchen is and telling them what the square footage of the house is or all of these different things. It’s, you know, it’s creating a lifestyle for somebody. And one of the fortunate things I’ve been able to provide a lot of clients over these my first years in real estate, there have been a lot of clients who have come to me that have gotten a “no” from other, whether it be other lenders or other real estate agents, for whatever reason, and I’ve been able to provide them that first “yes” that they’ve ever received during that process. So, in that, I recognize the responsibility that I have..” -Willie Davis


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